Friday, April 29, 2011

Decapitation/Dark Descent Records/Skeleton Plague Records/2010 Cassette Review

  Decapitation are a band from Sweden that plays Swedish death metal in the old vein mixed with doom/death and this is a review of their 2010 cassette "Undead Carnage" which was released as a joint effort between Dark Descent Records and Skeleton Plagur Records.

  Drums mix some slow to midpaced playing with some fast drumming and brutal blast beats, while the bass guitar has a dark sounding tone which follows the riffs coming mout of the guitars and on one of the songs they have a very powerful sound.

  Rhythm guitars mix some slow doom/death riffing with some fast death metal riffs that are influenced by the classic Swedish sound with some thrash influences and a small amount of melody, while the lead guitars are chaotic sounding old school death metal guitar solos.

  Vocals are deep death metal growls that have a thrashy edge to them and are very easy to understand, while the lyrics are gory in the classic death metal way, as for the production it has a very primitive sound that makes this sound like it was recorded in 1991, this really sounds like an old death metal demo tape and this was actually recorded recently, which is not a bad thing because death metal was actually still good back then,

  In my opinion Decapitation are a very good death/doom metal band and while there is nothing original about this cassette it still sounds very good and would be perfect to listen to when you are in a drunk phase reminicsing about this classic death metal days. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Undead Carnage" and "Cellar Of Incest". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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