Monday, October 3, 2011

Nile Interview

1. Can you give us an update on what is going on with the band these days? 
Pete:  Well,  Karl and the guys are very busy writing new material for their upcoming record.  I've heard some demo stuff and it is killer!  Karl asked me to do a guest vocal on one of the tracks which I am super excited about.  It's business as usual for Nile.  Hard work, getting better and better, and the love of all things metal!  I always look forward to when George comes to town to start rehearsing the new material so I can learn something.    But yeah, the guys can't wait to unleash the new record on the public and get back on the road. 
2. Recently your 1994 Demo was re-issued, when i listened to the recording it sounded completely different than the stuff you are releasing nowadays, what was the decision behind going into the more brutal direction that you play these days?
Pete: It should sound different.  Hopefully if a band is moving in an upward direction which is the plan of all bands I believe, then each proceeding record should sound different, while still retaining the feel and identity of the band.   It's about growth in ones abilities on the instrument, inspiration coming in various forms and of course to repeat the line from the first question......the love of all thing metal!    Up until I left Nile in 2000, Karl, Chief, Dalls and I  just wanted to keep pushing forward, to push our own boundries.  There is something sacred about striving for brutality.  Done right, it can set the world on fire!
3. I noticed that even back on the demo you pretty much covered the same themes only more evolved these days< how did fans react to those kind of lyrics these days?
Pete: You'll have fans that listen to and know every word written in a song, then you'll have the fans who listen more to the music and the lyrics are secondary.  There is a bottomless well of information about ancient Egypt.  Karl has taken that and used it to his advantage to create something unique.  He has a knack of telling very interesting stories and putting them to very interesting music.  I think Nile fans dig deep into the lyrics and know the stories being told and that just adds to the brutality of the music. 
4. On a more moderen level, when can we expect a new full length and what direction do you see the music heading into?
Pete:  You can expect a new Nile disc to hit the streets in the spring of 2012.  I've heard some of the demo material and of course Nile is not going to stray too far outside the box, but it is a definite growth without sounding like a different band. 
5. Out of all of the shows that the band has played so far which one did you enjoy the most?
Pete:  To be honest with you, and I can't speak for the other guys, I loved every show that I played with Nile.  It didn't matter to me if there were 50 people there or 5000.  Being a musician performing on stage is another world that words really can't describe.  I guess the highlight for me personally was playing The Dynamo Festival in Holland back in 99 with Nile in front of thousands of people.  I'll always have that. 
6. What where some of your musical influences during the beginning stages of the band?
Pete: I was into jazz/rock in the 80's even when I was playing metal with Karl back then.  It was Karl who turned me on to bands like Bathory, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Candlemass in the late 80's early 90's.  Morbid Angel was a huge influence back then.  Karl and I went to hang out with them at their house inCharlotte, NC where the whole band lived and rehearsed.  This was pre- Pete Sandoval era.  About 1989 I think. 
7. How have your fans worldwide react to the current demo re-issue?
Pete:  So far there has been a very positive reaction to the release.  For one thing not too many people have heard it.  In 1994 we only had like 250 cassettes made to sell and give out at local shows.  We didn't make anymore because we were on a roll and were working feverishly on material for Festivals of Atonement which we released in 1995.   I think all Nile fans want to hear what it's all about because they love Nile and they are curious as to what the band sounded like back then.   
8. What is going on with the solo project these days?
Pete: Karl is always logging ideas to use on his solo records and he has some interesting things happening, but he has been neck deep in the writing mode with new Nile material.  Dallas is working on a solo project called Narcotic Wasteland in which he is going to play every instrument and cover the vocal duties.  Chief has his new band called Temple of Thieves with Flo Mounier on drums and John Ehlers on guitar who was by the way in the very early stage of Nile.  He left before the band moved forward.  I am playing in a band called Psycho Spoon which people are touting "Dirty Rock".  Karl is actually going to produce our cd.  I am also writing a book about my 20 years playing music with Karl and my time in Nile.   I kept a list of every show we played and am going to try and recount them in the book.  So we'll see how good my memory is.  It should have some interesting stories in it. 
 9. I know the band is more famous for the Egyptian lyrics but there your take inspiration from other forms of mythology and how do these topics effect the music?
Pete: Like I said earlier, there is so much information and stories about Egypt you could never run out of things to write about.  It's like this topic was tailor made for brutal music. 
10. What are some bands or musical styles that you are listening to nowadays?
Pete:  I recently discovered the band Gojira.  I love these guys!  Also I listen to Opeth, Kings X, Porcupine Tree, and some old jazz stuff. 
11. Outside of music, what are some of your interests?
Pete: I like writing so working on my book is enjoyable.  I like to read biographies.....I learn a lot from reading about how people who I think are successful, lived their lives.  I love going to Hockey games.  And believe it or not I like to fix things.  I'll take apart a dishwasher or a stove in a minute, haha.  I Have always been a fan of carpentry also.  I built the monitors and PA cabinets for the first band Karl and I formed back in the 80's. 
12. Any final words or thoughts before we wrap up this interview?
Pete:  Thanks very much for the interview.  This musical life has been a very interesting journey so far and I can't wait to see what's around the next bend. 

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