Sunday, July 17, 2011

Grief/Come To Grief/Century media Records/1994 CD Review

Grief are a band from Boston, Massachuessets that was around during the 90's that play a style of music that I would describe as sludge/doom and there are also one of the original bands to play that style and this is a review of their classic 1994 album "Come To Grief" which was released by Century Media Records.

Drums are all slow beats with no blast beats while the bass playing is all slow doom metal riffs and sounds very pwerful on this album, as for the guitars they are all slow doom metal riffs that are heavily influenced by 70's stoner metal with no guitar solos present on the album.

Vocals are in between high pitched screams in the Eyehategod style with some deep death metal growls, while the lyrics touch on very depressing themes with some alcohol and drug abuse, as for the production on this albumwhich was produced by Bill t. Miller and recorded during the month of August 1994 at the Lanes in Allston, Mass sounds very raw but maintaining a professional feel.

In my opinion this was a really good album from a classic band and if you are a fan of sludge domm or the more slower aspects of funeral doom you need to get this album for your collection since this is a classic and also a recording that is still very influential even to this day. STANDOUT TRACKS INCLUDE "Earthworm" "I Hate You" and "Stricken". RECOMMENDED BUY

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