Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Atlas Moth Interview

1. Can you update us with what is going on with the band these days?
We are about a week into tour with Nachtmystium, Zoroaster and Dark Castle which has been pretty awesome thus far. Its always great being on the road with people you are friends with prior to hitting the road. We also have a covers EP coming out at the end of Sept and are writing a new full length that we hope to record early 2011.
2. How would you describe the musical style of the new material?
Its a little too early to tell i suppose, although, we have never set out with a goal of what we should sound like. We just get into a room together and work on songs until they feel right. I suppose it sounds like the next logical step to take from 'A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky'
3. What are some of the lyrical concepts and subjects that you are working on these days?
Once again, a little too early to tell as far as a new record goes. Both Dave and I write our own parts usually, so speaking for myself, i tend to write from more of a personal stand point. Whats going on in my life and or what i see around me. We havent gotten past very rough demos for a new record yet and i have written some lyrics but who knows what will stick. Something that bothers me now may not bother me by the time i hit the studio and then i feel as though it would be silly for me to go and try and express those feelings when they are not true to the time period.
4. How has the tour been so far, what are some of the best shows that the band has played and how would you describe your stage performance?
This tour has been great, like i said, always good to be out for a month with people you know. My favorite shows are usually DIY shows. Last fall when we were out with Wetnurse, we played a place called the Sweatshop in Providence and a place called Unit 11 in Boston which were both just out of hand. The element of danger at a warehouse show is something that i can never get enough of.
5. Do you have any plans to tour Europe as well?
We are working on that as well. We have some early US touring plans next year which will take us to both the east and west coasts which will hopefully be followed by Europe immediately after in April/May 2011

6. What are some of the other side projects that the band members play in, and what kind of music do they play?
Andrew and Tony both work at a studio and often collaborate on various projects but i wouldn't know how to explain any of it to be honest. Its also so very across the board. I also do Twilight and a new project i am working on with Jeff Wilson (ex Nachtmystium), Bob Fouts (Gates of Slumber) & Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) which i plan on finishing my vocals for when i get home from this tour.
7. How has the support been from Candlelight Records so far?
Candlelight has been really great to us. Oddly enough, they showed up when we played a basement in Delaware on our very first tour and showed great interest in us since then. They were an obvious choice for us when we were working on "A Glorified..."
8. What are some bands or musical styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
We all listen to everything...we can find inspiration in pretty much any music. I personally am greatly influenced by Deftones, Nick Cave, & Sabbath, so obviously i have been listening to the new Deftones & Grinderman records. I also rarely find an actual metal record that blows me away but the new Dawnbringer just recently blew my mind as well as the new Wolvhammer record.
9. How has your music been recieved by sludge fans worldwide?
I think we have been received pretty well by sludge fans but i also find a lot of sludge fans say that we are way more than just your average sludge band which is obviously a grand compliment.
10. How would you describe your musical progress over the years and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
I think any good band progresses naturally without trying to change. Its good to have goals with where you want to take your music but in reality its always best to let is happen naturally. I personally believe we took great strides between our EP and our full length and i would hope that we can take even larger strides between our full lengths.

11. I have read somewhere that one of your members is into Shamanism and Summerian Magick, what role does it play in the music?
That is Dave, our lead guitar and clean vocalist. The rest of us are not versed in that particular area but Dave definitely brings that vibe to us and i can't say i haven't sat around listening to him talk about it a lot that it hasn't fascinated me to some degree. He often burns sage before we start our set on stage which definitely sets the mood for us as we are starting. Without that, it doesn't even seem like a complete show to me.
12. Outside of music what are some of your interests?
I do various forms of art. Lots of bands CD layouts, posters, shirts, yadda yadda. That has become my main source of income over the last few years or so. I also have a soft spot for comic books but at this point of my life i can't afford the ones i want so i try to ignore em and every few months grab a few graphic novels to take on the road with me.
13. Any final words or thoughts before we close this interview?

Thanks a lot for the interview, it was a pleasure!


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