Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DesolateVoid Interview

1.Can you tell us alittle bit about the band for those that have never heard of us before?
Desolatevoid was formed in 2003 out of anger, binging and boredom in Eau Claire, WI. Patrick Sova supplied the riffs, Tim Smith dropped the tasty beats, and Andy Howard brought forth the grunts, groans & squeels. After a couple of lineup changes, Brent K came in on guitar and Nick Carroll came in on low end. We released Self Medicated Psycho Therapy in 2006. After great reviews, press and live shows devastation hit. Guitarist Patrick Sova was critically injured in an auto accident, leaving him a quadropelegic (Spelling?). After getting the green light to carry on from Patrick and with new guitarist Mark Stolp in tow we've released two more albums and another is in the works.

2.How would you describe your musical sound?
It's the soundtrack to the worst bender you've ever been on.

3. What is the meaning behind the band's name?
Desolatevoid is that place you can go to in your head to escape reality and be isolated and alone and quite possibly have piece of mind by releasing raw, crude, pure hatred. Chemically induced or not.

4.What releases have you put out so far?
Self Medicated Pyscho Thearapy (CD), No Sign of Better Times (CD) and the newly released 3 way split (Desolatevoid / Last Van Zant / The Parish Split CD)

5.What are some of the best shows that the band has played so far and how would you describe your stage performance?
As far as shows with bigger name metal bands Deicide on Halloween 2007 (Patrciks last show), Goatwhore in March 2010 both in Eau Claire which was awesome. But any show with a good crowd response and maybe some merch sales Is awesome to us.

6.Do you have any current touring plans?
You probably won't hear about us touring for a long time... if ever due to a couple members self employment issues. Others are in school and so on. We will do 3-4 days long runs if they present themselves. Mostly we're gonna do as many regional shows as we can.

7.Are any of the members involved with any side projects, if so who are they and what kind of music do they play?
As of right now everybody's focused on Desolatevoid but past and future projects are usually in the rock / metal genres.

8. What is going on with the Crimes Against Humanity record label these days and what are some releases that you have plans to put out in the upcoming future?
CAH Records has really slowed down in the past few years due to the economy and downloading off the internet so I don't run it like I used to but will still occassionally release new music. I just released a Dresden 7” and will be doing the new Beyond Description (Japan) album soon. I don't plan out too far for the label anymore since I'm trying to focus on my screen printing business as more of a priority lately.

9.How would you describe the musical progress so far and what direction do you see the music heading into on future releases?
With each release we try to make a better album than the one before. Better riffs and song structure... things like that. We still have that one great album that kicks everyones ass. As far as direction we're gonna keep churning out abrasive tunes for people to overdose to.
10. What are some bands or music styles that have influenced your music and what are you listening to nowadays?
A little bit of everything influences Desolatevoid. Elvis, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams 1, 2 + 3, classic rock. Mostly old school metal / punk. Pantera's a big one, the nola metal scene, Sabbath, Early Roadrunner + Earache death metal, Old school thrash, Grindcore. Like I said old school metal + rebels

11.How has the feedback been to you music so far by Extreme music fans worldwide?
The feedbacks been great. Every once in a while we get bad or OK reviews. Not everyone is going to like what we do. Being told we make good music by people who judge music for a living is one of the best parts really.

12.Out of all the releases that you have put out so far which one are you the most satisfied with?
In hindsight there's always something you wanna tweak or you play it a little different now. Overall we love and stand behind them all.

13.What are some of your interests outside of music?
Honestly besides home, lives + work we're all basically consumed by Desolatevoid.

14.Any final words or thoughts?
If you're one of the people who have stolen our albums online instead of buying the album at least buy some merch to help us out, otherwise you can fuck off. Support the underground, unless you want it to die. Check out Desolatevoid at www.myspace.com/desolatevoidrocks or http://www.facebook.com/pages/Desolatevoid/54679567247 You can buy DV merch from http://www.cahrecords.com/ and Itunes digitally. Thanks so much for your time in doing this interview .
Interview done by Tim and Howard (Nick on #8)

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