Friday, August 26, 2011

Ever-Frost Myspace Music Preview

Ever-Frost are a band from Italy that plays a very progressive form of melodic death/gothic metal and this is a review of the music from their Mysapace page.

Drums are in the progressive vein with alot of slow parts mixed with some blast beats that are not overdone while the bass playing is all rythym and sounds very technical with a low pitched sound.

Rythym guitars cover alot of different ground with some palm muted riffing mixed with alot of progressive metal influences while some of their slower parts reminded me of some of the mid 80's or early 90's thrash ballads that were all over Headbanger's Ball back in those days, as for the guitar leads they contain alot of melodic guitar solos that take alot of skill and talent.

Vocals are mostly high pitched melodic death metal screams in the classic Swedish/Gothenburg vein while the clean singing has a very classic metal feel. The lyrics seem to cover everyday topics, as for the production on the songs they sound professional and you can hear all of the instruments very well.

In my opinion this is a good band for this style of music and instead of going for the more comercial route that some bands in this genre are known to do Ever-Frost bring back alot of classic metal/thrash influences and they add their own twist without sounding or retro,neo, or pseudo and this would be a good band to add to you melodic death metal collection. If you want to hear the music you can go to their myspace page. A recommended band.

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