Monday, October 10, 2011

Darkseed/Spellcraft/Nuclear Blast Records/1997 CD Review

Darkseed are a band from Germany that plays a form of music that I would describe as a mixture of gothic rock and atmospheric/doom metal and this is a review of their 1997 album "Spellcraft" which was released by Nuclear Blast Records.

Drums are mostly slow to midpaced drumming with some fast parts with no blast beats while the violins give the music a dark edge and ther are some keyboars being used on ocassion that bring a gothic element to the music, as for the bass playing it is all rhythm bass that follows the riffs that are coming out of the guitars and they have a very powerful feel.

Rhythm guitars mix slow and fast riffs together with alot of thrash as well as power metal influencess that utilize alot of melody that has some influences from gothic and alternative rock, while the lead guitars use alot of harmonys and melodic guitar solos that sound very depressing and have alot of influences from classic metal, as for the classical guitar when it is utilized it gives the music a very dark and melodic edge.

Vocals are mostly clean singing vocals with the ocassional high pitched black metal screams with alot of female vocals that are very gothic/alternative sounding, while the lyrics touch on some depressing and anti christain themes, as for the production on this recording which was recorded at IMPULUS Studios in Hamburg, Germany during October and November of the year 1996msounds very professional and you can hear all of the musical instruments that are present in this album.

In my opinion Darkseed are a very talented gothic metal band and if you are a fan of gothic metal you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Self Pity Sick" "You Will Come" "Walk In Me" and "Nevermight". RECOMMENDED BUY.

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